Contact our local office to learn more about donating in one of these ways.

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  • Stocks & Securities

    Stocks & Securities

    Helping children in your community has never been easier or more beneficial. Now you can donate your appreciated securities including stock, bonds, and mutual funds to support Big Brothers Big Sisters programs in your area.
  • Cars for Kids’ Sake

    Cars for Kids’ Sake

    Whether your car starts or not, donating it can certainly start something in your community. Big Brothers Big Sisters Cars for Kids' Sake helps us raise funds through the donation of your unwanted vehicle. Donated vehicles qualify as charitable gifts and may be eligible for a tax deduction.
  • Sponsorship


    Get your company involved with our organization by sponsoring activities at our special events. We have a variety of events and activities to meet everyone's interests.
  • Planned Giving

    Planned Giving

    Start putting your trust in us—literally. Making us a part of your trust, bequest or endowment can start many years of giving.
  • Foundation & Corporate Giving

    Foundation & Corporate Giving

    Philanthropy starts with you. Big Brothers Big Sisters is grateful for financial support from foundations and corporations.
  • Friends Asking Friends

    Friends Asking Friends

    Start a simple webpage to solicit and track donations from friends and family. It’s fun and easy!
  • Gifts of Cash

    Gifts of Cash

    Financial donations in the form of cash provide direct and immediate support. The most convenient form of giving, cash gifts may be made in the form of currency, checks or credit card. Make your gift online today!
  • Pledges


    The pledge program offers the opportunity for payments over a maximum of five years, depending on the project and size of gift. Pledge giving is both flexible and taxwise. Make your pledge today.
  • Memorial/Tribute  Gifts

    Memorial/Tribute Gifts

    It is possible to give memorial and tribute gifts to BBBS on an annual basis. Also, a named endowment fund can be established to provide permanent recognition while allowing the organization to ensure the funding of future matches of Littles and Bigs.
  • Life  Insurance

    Life Insurance

    You may designate BBBS as the sole beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy, and potentially gain significant estate tax savings. Or you can irrevocably assign an existing to BBBS, qualifying for an immediate deduction for income tax purposes.
  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Donate gifts of houses, residential or commercial rental property, office buildings and undeveloped land. You can also make a gift of a personal residence, reserving the right to live in the house.
  • In-Kind Donations

    In-Kind Donations

    In-kind gifts afford the opportunity to donate valuable items, property, or professional services.