How do I register a team?

The Team Captain selects the team name, where and when the team will bowl, and the team’s fundraising goal. The Team captain can register in one of 2 ways:

1. Online – Visit the Bowl For Kids’ Sake Registration Page at www.bbbsmchenry.org/register/ . This allows all teammates to collect online donations from friends and family to work towards their fundraising goal.

2. Paper Form – Print off a paper registration form from the Bowl For Kids’ Sake event webpage. Fill out the form and mail it or drop it off at our office: 630 N. IL Route 31, Crystal Lake, IL 60012

I’m a Team Captain – How do I register my teammates?

The Team Captain can register his or her teammates either online or by paper.

  1. Online – Create a team name, fundraising goal, and select a location, date, and time to bowl. In the “Team Members” section, you can enter your teammate’s name, email address, and personal fundraising goal. By entering their email, they will receive a confirmation email with the details of your Team’s bowling date and time at the correct bowling alley.
  2. Paper Form – The paper registration form includes a section to list all team members’ names for a given team.

*Please note that by adding a team member(s) online, you are preventing the individual team member from creating their own profile under your team name to collect online donations. If the team member is not worried about collecting individual donations, and is only working toward the Team’s Fundraising Goal, then completing this section as the Team Captain is appropriate.

How do I join my team?

Not everyone wants to be the Leader of the group – and that’s okay! If your team has a Team Captain and they already created your team, visit the Bowl For Kids’ Sake registration page to join them.

  1. Select the green “register” button. Select the second option “My team is already registered and I need to add myself as a team member” on the main registration page.
  2. A drop-down menu will appear with the names of the Teams that have already been created. Select your team’s name. *If you are unsure of your team’s name, but know your Team Captain’s name, you can search their name in “Donate to a Bowler or Team” section in the search box. If your Captain has created the team, it will show up when you enter their name. To join, select the purple button that says “Join this Team (limit 6 bowlers)”.
  3. Finish filling out the details of your profile. You will automatically be assigned to the same location, date, and time that your Team Captain chose when creating the Team.

How many people are on a team?

Teams consist of 4-6 bowlers, but the ideal size is 5 due to the amount of time it will take each team to bowl. If you have more than 6, you will need to create another team. We can place teams next to each other on lanes if this is the case so everyone can still bowl together!

Do I have to pay to bowl?

Not at all! That is the beauty of asking for pledge donations! When creating your online account, you have the option to make a donation towards your overall fundraising goal, but it is not required. The minimum amount of $75 can be attained by asking friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors to chip in $5 or $10. Asking 3 people to donate $25 gets you there in no time!

The $75 covers the costs associated with the event while also raising funds towards our mentoring programs! But don’t just stop at $75 – we have had teams raise as much as $3,000!

How do I collect pledges?

There are 2 ways to collect donations/pledges:

  1. Online – if you have created an online profile, you can direct your donors to your page to make a donation. Simply copy your URL (example: www.bbbsmchenry.org/team/luckystrikes) and paste it in an email, text, or social media post. Anyone and everyone who clicks on that link will be directed to your profile page and can make a donation to you directly or to your Team as a whole. Any donors who give online will receive a confirmation email that thanks them for donating and serves as their tax receipt.
  2. In-person – if you ask for donations, you shall receive! And sometimes that is in the form of cash or check… no worries! We can send you a Pledge Envelope that allows you to keep track of who donated, the amount that was given, and holds all that money in a safe place until Bowl Day. We can mail them to your home or work address, or drop them off. Just ask Kelsey Andersen (Kelsey.Andersen@bbbsmchenry.org) and she will get them to you lickity-split!

I forgot my username and password, now what?

There is a “Lost your password?” option to have a reminder email sent to the email that was used to register the account. Still stuck? Contact Kelsey Andersen at Kelsey.Andersen@bbbsmchenry.org and she will help you get on your profile.